Can I tailor my therapy to better meet my goals?

Yes, it is now possible with some modern factor VIII products to tailor your therapy to closely match your activity levels with PK-guided dosing.


myWAPPS app

In partnership with your healthcare team, you can

  • Monitor your PK profile and check your estimated factor level at any time
  • Determine the right level of protection for you
  • Tailor your treatment to match your lifestyle and activity levels

You can find out more about PK and myWAPPS by going to


To start using myWAPPS, first speak to your doctor, they will set up a profile for you and you can then download and begin using the app.


PK-guided dosing

As you can see in this diagram, your doctor takes into account the type of hemophilia you have, your physical activity and joint health, and how long your treatment remains active in your body (pharmacokinetic handling of factor) when tailoring your treatment.

PK levels video

PK video