Loek found that not all FVIIIs are the same, here’s why

Modern factor VIII products can provide a spectrum of offerings to hemophilia patients

  • Contributing to improved joint health
  • Offering longer-lasting protection
  • Providing more convenient dosing


…and more!


Real-world benefits

Loek found sticking to his dosing schedule challenging, because infusing is difficult for him. When his doctor told him about a factor VIII product that required fewer infusions, Loek found he had less anxiety about treatment and had more confidence to live his life the way he wanted. Importantly, Loek no longer missed doses.


The real-world benefits that these different factor VIIIs bring to you as a person with hemophilia A depend on your needs not just as a patient, but as a human being.


Are there aspects of your life or treatment you wish were different?


Don’t be shy - let your doctor know how you feel now. The solution may be easier than you think.